"Little Boxes" performed on little boxes

Robbo sez, "The band Walk Off The Earth performs Malvina Reynolds' song 'Little Boxes' – on boxes. In fact the whole set for this music video is made of cardboard. Really cool and a sweet rendition of the tune.

Most people know the song now as the opening theme for 'Weeds" but when I was a kid we'd make all sorts of cool shit out of cardboard and we'd sing along to a scratchy 78 we had of Pete Seeger doing the tune. With my own son I've had years of fun making cardboard crap including an intensely awesome Iron Man costume for Halloween. He carries on the tradition although now that he's in his teens he's into building detailed replicas of weapons from Halo – and he doesn't sing the song as he's doing it. Ah well."

I absolutely love this song. Weirdly, I first heard is in Spanish — the Victor Jara rendition — and then heard the same Seeger version that Robbo mentions. This one is just lovely.

Little Boxes – Walk off the Earth