Haunted soundtrack for 1960s TV from a parallel world


The Belbury Tales is the latest hauntological manifestation of Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp's personal project Belbury Poly. Jupp's freshly nostalgic forays into library music of yore filtered through his own progrock-loving, analog synth filters are enhanced with real drum and bass (and guitar) by, respectively, Jim Musgrave and Christopher Budd. The Belbury Tales is a spectral sound story of "medievalism, the supernatural, [and] ideas about the re-invention of the past, childhood, initiation and pilgrimage (both spiritual and physical)." The above video accompanying the "Summer Round" track from Belbury Tales is an excerpt from multitalented Ghost Box co-founder Julian House's film New Summer Wavelengths.

The Belbury Tales is available in the US from Experimedia.