Motorcycle from Japan washes up in Canada

A couple weeks ago, Peter Mark of British Columbia found a Harley-Davidson in a white shed washed ashore this Harley-Davidson buried in the sand on one of the islands of British Columbia. Tracking the license plate led Mark back to the bike's owner. In Miyagi, Japan. Apparently, the March 2011 tsunami, which destroyed Ikio Yokoyam's home and took the lives of three family members, washed the motorcycle out to sea. From BBC News:

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The shop that sold the motorcycle to Mr Yokoyama is now hoping to ship the Harley-Davidson back to Japan and restore it.

The motorcycle is among the first items in a wave of debris heading to the west coast of North America. Most of the debris is expected to arrive in 2013…

Lighter items, such as buoys and bottles, have been among the first to wash ashore on the continent.

In March, an Alaska man found a football and later a volleyball from Japan.

"Tsunami survivor claims Harley-Davidson found in Canada"