Trip report: My Little Pony Project with customized ponies by Mark Mothersbaugh and others

On Saturday I went to the My Little Pony Project event at Toy Art Gallery on Melrose, and it was very fun! Check out the art gallery. Many well-known and pop surrealist artists painted large-scale ponies, and they were put on display.


In the gift bags for this event, everybody was given a blank pony to paint or decorate however they wanted.


Side view of the gift-bag pony I painted.


Front view of the gift-bag pony I painted.


Some of the cool ponies painted by the artists.

Img 1184Img 1185

Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo had two ponies on display. Both were sold out before the show even opened.


My friend Ava next to Perez Hilton's Pony!


Some cute art for sale at the event!


Love this one.


Pop Surrealist art at the event.


Close up of my favorite pony.

Img 1236

Some devoted Little Pony fans all dressed up for the event!

Img 1235

Look at those cool shoes she made by attaching mini ponies to her high heels!

See more photos of the event here.

My Little Pony Project 2012 at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles