Mute Watch: capacitive, accelerometer-aware "blank" watch

Watchismo's latest watch is the Mute, a solid-cast red or grey timepiece whose featureless face lights up based on touch or movement. I love all the usability thinking that went into this -- feels like the first inkling of what new materials and commodity capacitance and accelerometers will do for all sorts of devices.

You set the time for your alarms by tapping directly on the digits – tap on the top of the digit for a higher number or on the bottom of the digit for a lower one. When you want to erase an alarm, simply pinch the touch screen.

The Mutewatch also features a built-in motion sensor. High levels of movement trigger an increase in the intensity of the vibrating alarm and a simple flick of your wrist activates the glowing display. So, whether you're sleeping, on stage giving a presentation or doing your work out, the Mutewatch will keep you updated on your next step.

Mutewatch - Glow Swipe Vibrate - Poppy Red