Boing Boing Inventory: Jonathan Koshi

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Inventory is a new series where characters in the Boing Boing Universe reveal their favorite apparel, gadgets, weapons, and spells. This time, it's the turn of designer/artist Jonathan Koshi.

Regular BB readers may recall that Koshi recently created a fantastic series of Dia de los Muertos skulls of Pac-man, Alien, Kermit the Frog, and other pop culture icons like the unicorn (above left). He was also the original designer of open source music management software Songbird and the user experience director at Minted, where he's still an active player in the design competition community. An avid cyclist, Koshi is co-organizer of San Francisco's Supermarket Street Sweep bike race benefiting the city's Food Bank.

Koshi's Inventory:

Briggs Matte Nude eyeglasses

Philips FlexCare Rechargeable sonic toothbrush

Kevin Murphy Nite.Rider hair product

Union Made Large Briefcase

Paul Smith Chagall Taupe Peyote Shoes

Blackbird Poison Jar

Handmade Japanese Garden Pruners

Muji Aluminum Round Fountain Pen

Indochino Essential Midnight Blue Tuxedo

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