Colorado cattle mutilations

Four mutilations of livestock in Gunnison, Colorado over the last few months are freaking out area ranchers. Recently, a horse was shot, its head skinned, and tongue and anus yanked out. And in June, a prize cow was killed and its tongues, lips, and anus removed. Now, I think it's unlikely that high school biology classes from Sirius are swooping down to dissect our livestock. But man, these cattle mutilations are fucking bizarre. From the Denver Post:

The recent mutilations have similarities to mutilations that occurred in the 1960s in neighboring Saguache County. The most famous incident was reported in 1967 when a horse that became known as Snippy" had its head and neck skinned. Like in the most recent cases, there was no blood at the scene or tracks. The mutilations were never solved.

In 2009, a San Luis Valley rancher found four calves with their tongues sliced out, udders removed, eyes cored and faces skinned. Those cases were never solved and there also was no blood nor tracks around those animals.

"Livestock mutilations shake up Gunnison ranching community"