Meet the record industry lobbyists who'll be throttling your Internet connection in America's six strikes world

The Center for Copyright Information is the organization behind America's "six strikes" plan, where the major ISPs and phone companies have signed up to voluntarily degrade your Internet connection, and even disconnect your family based on unsubstantiated, guilty-until-proven-innocent accusations of copyright infringement. So, who are the CCI? That Anonymous Coward writes,

CCI is headed by someone from a PR firm used by the RIAA. The review of their tech was done by Stroz Friedberg, a lobbyist given money by the… RIAA. Federal Judges have ruled that an IP address doesn't equal a person, but IP address alone (which can be spoofed) is enough for this system to send notices and even throttle paying customers' connections. And the only recourse is arbitration, because this isn't a real legal system. This is private corporate law. Maybe its time for some AG's to look into this cushy deal and wonder why the system costs the accused money to challenge claims with no real independent review.