Ono to Cuomo: "Imagine there's no fracking"

CBS Outdoor via Rolling Stone

Yoko Ono and Sean Ono Lennon launched "Artists Against Fracking" earlier this year, and have received no response from NY gov. Andrew Cuomo to their request to meet and talk about the idea of a ban of fracking in New York. Now, Ono and Lennon have launched a billboard campaign on a route where the governor often passes. "Governor Cuomo: Imagine there's no fracking," the sign reads.

"Our message is simple: We want Governor Cuomo to imagine and guarantee a New York free of the fracking threat to our water, air, beautiful landscapes and climate," said Ms. Ono recently in Rolling Stone.

The timing of the campaign is pegged with a Nov. 29 deadline for the governor's health study on the effects of fracking.

"Fracking for gas is inherently dirty and dangerous," says Sean Lennon. "No amount of regulation can make fracking safe."