Pretty much everyone came back for the Freaks and Geeks reunion photo

Judd Apatow is guest-editing the first comedy issue of Vanity Fair, and this means he wields slightly more power over many people than usual. That's how he got nearly every single person who has ever appeared on his cult favorite show Freaks and Geeks to come together for a really excellent reunion photo — students, teachers, parents, they're all here! (Absent: Rashida Jones, Ben Foster, JoAnna Garcia, Ben Stiller, Leslie Mann, and Shia LeBoeuf, if we're being really technical about it.) A sneak-peek of the group shot is here, but VF has a great collection of smaller groups of the cast. A fun reminder: Freaks and Geeks went off the air in 2000. Remember that year? It feels both five minutes and one million years ago at the same time! (via Gawker)