JOHN WILCOCK: The History of ECHO, "The Magazine You Play on Your Phonograph" (1958)

The story behind Larry Adler, Flexidisks and Echo, "the magazine you play on your phonograph." TO BE CONTINUED ON BOING BOING

Supplemental material:

1) WEIRD VIBRATIONS on Roentgenizdat Flexidiscs: "Sentimental Songs on X-Ray"

2) WFMU has written about ECHO twice: First in their Internet Museum of Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records, and then as a featured item in their 365 Days project.

3) OPEN CULTURE on "Dalilinguistics", Salvador Dalí's appearance in ECHO (with mp3 audio from Ubuweb)

4) Larry Adler performing St. Louis Blues: Audio and Video