Amara: crowdsource subtitles for your YouTube channel

Nicholas from the Participatory Culture Foundation sez,

Today our open subtitling platform ("a wikipedia for subtitling video") is launching free crowd subtitling for every YouTube user. Want to make your videos accessible to people around the world who speak a different language? Want deaf and hard of hearing users to be able to watch? We hope you do! Just connect your YouTube account to Amara and invite your viewers to help.

Viewers from around the world are in the best position to help translate the video in their language and get you more viewers. Any moderately popular YouTube video will get lots of viewer subtitling help.

Amara's volunteer community is getting big– some Khan Academy videos on Amara are translated into almost 100 languages! Want to watch Gangam Style in Esperanto? Amara has it. Twitter uses Amara to subtitle their product launch videos, Netflix uses Amara to subtitle movies and tv shows, and TED Talks has more than 11,000 volunteers in their Amara translation community.

If you post any videos to YouTube, is how you can enable the world to watch!

Crowdsource Subtitles for your YouTube Channel

(Thanks, Nicholas!)

(Disclosure: I am a proud volunteer on the Participatory Culture Foundation's Board of Directors)