Tell Me Something I Don't Know 002: Faith Erin Hicks interview

Boing Boing has a new podcast! It's called Tell Me Something I Don't Know, and it's an interview podcast featuring artists, writers, filmmakers, and other creative people discussing their work, ideas, and the reality/business side of how they do what they do.

In episode #2, Jim, Jasen, and Ed interview Faith Erin Hicks (Tumblr), who writes and draws comic books for a living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her comics include Demonology 101, The War at Ellsmere, Brain Camp, and Friends With Boys.

She is the co-writer and artist for Dark Horse Comics and Naughty Dog Games' comic book, The Last of Us. A print edition of her web comic, The Adventures of Superhero Girl, was recently released by Dark Horse Comics. And her forthcoming graphic novel (with Prudence Shen), Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, is currently being serialized online. The print edition will be released by First Second in May 2013.

TMSIDK is produced and hosted by three talented cartoonists and illustrators:

Jim Rugg, a Pittsburgh-based comic book artist, graphic designer, zinemaker, and writer best known for Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes, and Street Angel.

Jasen Lex is a designer and illustrator from Pittsburgh. He is currently working on a graphic novel called Washington Unbound. All of his art and comics can be found at

Ed Piskor is the cartoonist who drew the comic, Wizzywig, and draws the Brain Rot/ Hip Hop Family Tree comic strip at this very site, soon to be collected by Fantagraphics Books.

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