How chopsticks are made

Len says:

"A post from Xeni about disposable chopsticks and deforestation reminded me of this video. It's from Japan's version of 'How it's Made.' It is hard to believe how much hands-on work goes into making them (wait 'til you get to the women at the pile). Astonishing. I've never been able to look at them the same since. Great machine sounds too. There are quite a few good episodes in there including #228 – sumi brush making and #156 – kendo armor."

Series "The Making". How will follow the product are made familiar with what kind of technology, we convey the relationship of science and technology and the origins of things. "Chopsticks" theme is. Came to be used generally late Edo period. The reason that there is no need to turn to use, clean and has spread. Raw material is spruce. Birch, willow, cedar, and bamboo is also used for the other. Many white part, spruce is also used in building materials, is suitable for disposable chopsticks. At this plant, three types of disposable chopsticks are made. Chopsticks common "Genroku" The first. Was devised around 1887 – '30, cut the four corners of the chopsticks to make it easier course, also contains a groove in the center for easy assignment. The "cut" Heaven is the second, etc. are used in high-end Japanese restaurant. Cut diagonally (heaven) the end of the hand, I have easy to use by cutting round the tip of a chopstick. "Rikyu" third. In a way that was invented by Sen no Rikyu, was commercialized in the late Meiji period. Land can be used as chopsticks chopsticks to carry both ends mouth heaven and earth have become thin, take heaven, is also used for the tea ceremony, kaiseki.

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