Alaa Wardi, a capella YouTube star from Saudi Arabia: "Risala Ela…"

Alaa Wardi (Twitter, instagram) is an Iranian-born singer based in Saudia Arabia whose vocal harmonies and one-man viral videos have become big hits throughout the mideast. His latest, "Risala Ela…", is out today in video and as a DRM-free pay-what-you-want download. Many of his earlier videos are a capella, this one's notable in a new way, with instrumentation.


I've been waiting for years, to find someone new, that would fill my hole, and make me forget you.
I promised you I'd leave, And sing from far away, but how can I walk away and forget, you are my source of inspiration.
Ya Bay, Ya Bay…
They told me time passes, and heals all wounds, but my only cure is you, from now till I die.
People tell me to forget, that it wasn't meant to be, but If you give me a chance, I've changed a lot.
Ya Bay Ya Bay…

More of his recent work below. I love this guy.

(Longtime Boing Boing reader Alexander Ringis recently turned me on to him—thanks, Alex!)