Trailer for Backyard Blockbusters: doc about fan-films

John sez, "Last fall, you guys ran a story about 'Backyard Blockbusters,' my feature documentary on fan films (such as 'Troops', 'Hardware Wars', 'Star Trek: Phase II", or the 'Raiders of the Lost Ark" adaptation) and fan filmmakers.

At the time, the focus was on helping the film get into the Arclight Documentary Film Festival, which was successful – we got in and screened there, and the film has been playing festivals and conventions since. While the film doesn't have a distribution deal yet (backup plans for self-distribution are still being considered), I've put the first 12 minutes of the film online to give people a taste of what the film is, and hopefully generate some interest."

Backyard Blockbusters – First 12 minutes

(Thanks, John!)