Kickstarting a lesbian sex-ed graphic novel

Allison Moon sez, "I'm Kickstarting my new book, a collaborative comic novella about queer lady sex. Think of it as 'en and the Art of Vulva Maintenance.'"

$25 gets you a paperback.

Author Allison Moon (Tales of the Pack series about lesbian werewolves) collaborates with illustrator kd diamond (Salacious Magazine) to create a sex ed book specifically for lesbians, queer & bisexual women, and those curious about the ins and outs of girl-on-girl sex. Now through October 19, they're Kickstarting the book to pay all the artists and experts involved in the creation of the book.

Girl Sex 101 features 'scenic viewpoints' by over 15 top sex experts including Sex Nerd Sandra (, Tristan Taormino (On Our Backs, The Village Voice), Jiz Lee (, Reid Mihalko (, Julia Serano (Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity), Ignacio Rivera, Kelly Shibari, Sophia St. James, Megan Andelloux, and more.

Based on Moon's live sex-ed workshop of the same name, Girl Sex 101 shares practical, women-focused and pleasure-oriented sex education for people of all orientations and experience levels.

Girl Sex 101 also utilizes social media to include readers in the book-building. Using Twitter (@GirlSex101) and Tumblr (, Girl Sex 101 is asking LGBTQ women to share their own opinions on girl sex, like how they identify, how they met their partner(s), and some of their favorite moves to use in bed.

Girl Sex 101- Sex ed with a story. Comics with a lez edge.