Give Jeremy Bornstein $15,037 to make a movie of him staring at the camera for 30 minutes

Jeremy Bornstein is looking to raise $15,037 on Kickstarter to fund a 30 minute movie of him staring into the camera with his soulful eyes. He already has a camera and digital film, so the $15,037 will go to "some combination of promotions, props, locations, and reward fulfillment." For $63, his 11-year-old son will write you a postcard (for $64, they'll mail you the postcard instead of keeping it in a box at their house). For $255, you get your name mentioned in the film, and for $1023 you can get him to wear a white shirt instead of his customary black. For $8191, you get nothing. NOTHING.

Remember classified ads? They were in newspapers. The best classified ad was the one that said "SEND $1 FOR INFORMATION." That guy made a lot of money from that ad. I don't even know if he sent out any information–I bet he didn't. But that was before the internet. He probably couldn't get away with that sort of thing now because there are no more newspapers.

I would love for you to be a part of this project. Because if I were the only supporter, and I were to give myself money for it, I wouldn't have any more money than before. And when you give money to yourself it doesn't change the amount of money that you have for buying things. Unless you buy them from yourself, which doesn't make a lot of sense really if you think about it.

Staring at the Camera

(Thanks, Jeremy!)