Morozov corrected

Consider: an article written by Evgeny Morozov, published by Slate, with the title "Buzzfeed: The Virality of Evil". What could possibly go wrong? Here are the posted corrections, so far.

Correction, Oct. 29, 2013: This article originally used different analytics platforms to compare the BBC's and BuzzFeed's traffic. The sentence about the BBC has been removed because the comparisons are not exact. The piece also said that "The Viral Web in Real Time" is BuzzFeed's motto. It was a prominently displayed tag line on the site for some time, but no longer is. The article also said that BuzzFeed is not interested in bringing local foreign news to the English-language blogosphere; BuzzFeed has a foreign editor and correspondents in Turkey, Syria, and Moscow. That sentence has been removed. The article also originally suggested that BuzzFeed is entering local advertising markets in foreign countries. BuzzFeed is not currently in local markets.

Good grief. As this is exactly what would happen if I had written such an article, the only reasonable conclusion is that Morozov is a fool.