Laura Ingraham issues embarrassing on-air correction after mocking Biden (video)

Giddy with ignorance, Fox's Laura Ingraham enjoyed a deep belly cackle at what she thought was President Biden's expense, mocking him for referring to the Webb telescope as, uh, the Webb telescope. (As in the powerful James Webb Space Telescope that can offer details not captured by other telescopes.)

"Did he call it the web telescope? Isn't it the Hubble? Is he thinking of web Hubble? I don't understand!" the confused faux news host said, bursting into such a fit of laughter, she had to wipe away the tears. (See video below, posted by Andrew Lawrence.)

Guest Raymond Arroyo joined in the merriment, nodding and laughing as he agreed with the outrageousness of somebody calling the Webb telescope the Webb telescope. "Yes, yes, who knows?"

And to answer Arroy's question, someone at Fox did know, or at least a Fox viewer, because moments later, a sheepish Ingraham had to publicly eat her own mockery as she issued an on-air correction. "All right. There is a Webb Telescope," she admitted, according to HuffPost. "I stand corrected by Joe Biden."

To sprinkle on a bit more salt, Ingraham also tripped up on the word telescope during her correction, according to HuffPost, after mocking Biden earlier for tripping up on the same word. As the old saying goes, "What goes around comes around," as I already brought yesterday when Trump tried to mock Biden, only to have it splatter right back in his face.