This Day in Blogging History: Tenth Doctor tee; Luggage that spooks the TSA; Secret Epcot VIP lounges

One year ago today

Tenth Doctor costume tee: ThinkGeek's done a Tenth Doctor "costume tee" that's pretty great.

Five years ago today

The TSA Does Not Like Your Luggage: A set of carrying cases molded with a gun, an axe, or a knife.

Ten years ago today
Secret Epcot VIP lounges revealed: Epcot Center had the distincition of being the first Disney park in which every single ride and pavillion was sponsored — in the case of the World Showcase, the sponsors were the countries represented; but in the case of the Future Showcase, the sponsors were tech companies, and they built VIP lounges and conference spaces into their ride-pavillions for their bigwigs and guests.