This Day in Blogging History: Ox-stunning Seth Godin book; Overhead luggage/chest-of-drawers-seat; CG fan-recreations of Yesterland rides

One year ago today

New Seth Godin book could stun an ox: At 800 pages and 19 lbs, this book is ridiculous. In a good way.

Five years ago today

Heavy-duty overhead luggage with a chest of drawers and a seat: It's got a built-in seat and internal, stacking drawer-like sub-luggages, and it fits into overheads.

Ten years ago today
Recreating gone Disney rides online: At least two other sites are creating virtual versions of discontinued Disney rides: Adventure Thru Inner Space, a Disneyland attraction that gave visitors the experience of being smaller than an atom, and If You Had Wings, a Disney World ride to exotic travel destinations.