New Seth Godin book could stun an ox

Today's post brought quite a treat: a box containing (among other things), Seth Godin's massive new book, called "This Might Work/This Might Not Work," which he launched via Kickstarter. At 800 pages and 19 lbs, this book is ridiculous. In a good way. I'm not sure if this is an article of commerce at this point, but when (if?) it is, count this as a strong "buy" recommendation.

This might work (my new book)


    1. It’s a collection of all his blog posts. I just got a copy myself, and it’s difficult to tell how big it truly is from the picture. The thing is so huge it’s not even clear whether or not it’s meant to be read. (And yet, the graphic layout of every page and the overall attention to detail is stunning.) 

      It’s never actually going on sale though, this was a limited edition that was created for Kickstarter. He does have two earlier books that are compilations of his best blog posts, and there is a third volume coming out soon. If my math is correct it looks like there are 2,120 copies of the ‘mammoth edition’ in print.

  1. I bought into that kickstarter of Seth Godin’s for the Icarus Deception.  What an annoying experience?  I was spammed weekly with updates of – oh its in process.  Oh its coming…  And then I got to take a look at the book.  Color me unimpressed and overly annoyed.  I won’t be kickstarting with Seth Godin ever again.

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