This Day in Blogging History: Pedagogy of the depressed; Beautiful objects from plastic crap; Is it illegal to frame a picture?

One year ago today

Pedagogy of the Depressed: my experiences as a special ed student in the 1990s:

I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 1998. Expelled from two schools in quick succession—first a private Catholic school in the third grade, then a the local public school in the fourth—I was placed in Northwoods, an approved private school for students with emotional disturbances or autism. Northwoods served the entire county; each district sent a shortbus with a few kids.

Five years ago today

Turning plastic crap into beautiful objects: An inspiring how-to for turning an ugly plastic clock into a nice-looking wood-cased object. Inspiring!

Ten years ago today
Kuleshov and reframing: is it illegal to frame a picture? The US courts have handed down some jaw-droppingly stupid rulings on the Kuleshov effect (in which art can be made to mean opposing things throught framing or recontextualizing).