This Day in Blogging History: Minecraft torch torch; Pettis on rapid prototyping; Cockpit UI versus airworthiness

One year ago today

Minecraft torch torch: ThinkGeek's Minecraft Light-Up Torch is funnier if you speak one of the Commonwealth English variants where "torch" is a synonym for "flashlight" — but even in the rest of the world, it's still pretty awesome.

Five years ago today

Bre Pettis's rapid prototyping talk, a tour-de-force presentation from 25C3: From the technology underpinning it to the history of the form to the practicalities of clubbing together to buy expensive machinery to the philosophy, economics and emotional satisfaction of decentralized making, Pettis runs the whole gamut, with humor, humility, and a thoroughgoing knowledge of the subject.

Ten years ago today
Crap cockpit UI may crash planes: A new study has found that the bristling impressiveness of the standard airplane cockpit is a UI disaster and theat the complexity can lead to plane-crashes.