Bre Pettis's rapid prototyping talk, a tour-de-force presentation from 25C3


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  1. monopole says:

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  2. frankiez says:

    I always bow when I read “Chaos Computer Club”…

  3. schönberger says:

    Favorite moment (I was there): Everyone laughs when Bre sets Inscape’s scaling system to “inch”.

  4. xmjx says:

    I thought the talk wasn’t really good. Bre talked only about OPP (other people’s projects) and even went to far as to state that prototyping circumvents capitalism. LOL. How is me buying a machine, then making stuff and selling it again circumventing capitalism? No. The 24c3 talk was brilliant and entertaining. The 25c3 talk was boring, uninformative and uninspiring. And his inability of coping with Inkscape or the screen resolution of his oh-so-user-friendly MacBook was kind of strange. Oh, and I would have liked him to prototype the Space Invader that he drew in his Inkscape, because seeing him watching his design fall apart would have been very funny.

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