Fun with evolution: Cool, new discoveries and a "Wrecking Ball" parody

Tiktaalik, a fish-like creature that lived 375 million years ago, is a prime example of a transitional species — something between the ancient fish that swam in the seas and the ancient primitive amphibians that moved about on land. Discovered in Northern Canada in 2004, it represents the earliest example of front legs that we've found, so far, in the fossil record. Now, thanks to the discovery of some newer specimens that include the Tiktaalik's rear end, scientists also think it might be the earliest example of hind legs, too. Or, at least, proto forms of the hind leg. That's significant, because it suggests that animals were developing features that would become four legs before they actually started spending a lot of time on land. Previously, researchers had speculated that two-legged creatures might have been the first to move about on land. Now, it looks like the first land-fish were scooting about with their weight supported on back limbs as well as front.

How to celebrate the discovery of a more-complete Tiktaalik fossil and a view of the earliest back legs ever seen by human eyes? How about with an evolution-themed "Wrecking Ball" parody, starring biologist and science TV host, Carin Bondar.

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