This Day in Blogging History: Stranger Than Science; Shipping container corner-shop; Marxist fairy tales

One year ago today

Stranger Than Science: "Astounding stories of strange events – all absolutely true!" The first story is called "The Mystery of David Lang." It's about a man who, in 1880, was standing in his front yard and suddenly vanished into thin air in front of his wife, two children, and a visiting judge.

Five years ago today

Instant corner shop, just add shipping container: British science fiction writer Paul McAuley spotted this instant corner shop created by plunking a storage container down on a tiny bit of front garden and flinging wide the doors.

Ten years ago today
Marxist fairy tales: Eric Olin Wright is an analytical Marxist who raised his kids on extemporaneous Marxist fairy-tales, and recorded them for posterity. They are hilarious.