This Day in Blogging History: 24 Causes of Human Misjudgement; Computer polish; Water on Mars

One year ago today

Twenty Four Standard Causes of Human Misjudgement: Classic 1995 speech by Charlie Munger (much cited, and transcribed here in PDF), in which Munger (a respected investor and partner to Warren Buffet) lays out, in plain language, the cognitive biases and blind-spots that he views as the root of much human misery.

Five years ago today

Open source computer polish: Retr0Brite: The Retr0brite Project is an open-source effort to develop the world's finest vintage computer polish, to whiten up the yellowing chassis of your old Amigas and such.

Ten years ago today
Water on Mars. Life on Mars. Wow: The NASA Mars rover Opportunity found evidence that an abundance of water once covered an area of the planet's surface.