Tim Bray on the early Web's milestones

It's the Web's 25th birthday and Tim Bray, inventor of XML and Web pioneer, has a great remembrance of the milestones of the early Web:

Back in the ear­li­est days, Playboy.​com went live; the pic­ture is from De­cem­ber 20, 1996. It's not that well-known that cer­tain Netscape peo­ple reached out to Play­boy, con­vinced them to do this Web thing, and helped them build the site. At one point, their servers were in the same room with pieces of Netscape.​com and Yahoo.​com; I was in that room and saw them. The his­toric link­age be­tween the Web and flesh­tone-soaked JPEGs is un­sub­tle; it's pos­si­ble that right here is where it started. ¶

The Web is 25