This Day in Blogging History: RIP, Arijit "Poop Strong" Guha; Are kidnapped children tax-deductible?; Breakfast couture

One year ago today

Arijit "Poop Strong" Guha has died of colon cancer: Arijit "Poop Strong" Guha (Twitter), a really sweet guy who took on a dirty rotten insurance company and stood up to TSA "Flying While Brown" bullying (while wearing a t-shirt designed by Boing Boing's own Cory Doctorow) has died. He was 31, and had metastatic colon cancer.

Five years ago today

Are kidnapped children tax-deductible? According to the IRS website, the answer is "yes," if two conditions are met…

Ten years ago today

Low-carb breakfast couture: From the pages of a 1979 issue of Jackie magazine.