Thursday: Pesco speaking in Milan (3/27)

On Thursday, I'll be speaking in Milan as part of the long-running "Meet The Media Guru" lecture series! Here's a teaser:

Have you ever encountered a work of art that in an instant changed your perception of the world? Or watched a magician do something you know is impossible yet just appeared to happen before your very eyes? Can you recall that feeling of awe, inspiration, and wonder? There was a time when science did the same thing, simultaneously sparking our curiosity, our passion, and our intellect. Unfortunately, wonder has fallen by the wayside even as our future depends on inspiring people of all ages to engage with science and technology, to be part of the conversation. Now is the time to cultivate our curiosity and explore the high weirdness at the intersection of science, technology, art, and magic.

David Pescovitz, co-editor of Boing Boing and a research director at Institute for the Future, will take us on a tour of the future that will astonish, amaze, and provoke you. From invisibility cloaks to psychokinesis, nanoscale artworks to talking plants, we'll hear what artists and scientists have to say about the magic, myths, and realities that will shape tomorrow.

Meet The Media Guru: David Pescovitz