This Day in Blogging History: High schooler's felony science experiment; Muir's clockwork desk; Pac Man LARP

One year ago today

High schooler blows stuff up for science — ends up charged with a felony: It was a small explosion, and nobody was hurt. Wilmot was, otherwise, a good student with a perfect behavior record. But the school chose to expel her, have her arrested, and is supporting her being charged with a felony as an adult.

Five years ago today

John Muir's clockwork desk: I invented a desk in which the books I had to study were arranged in order at the beginning of each term. I also made a bed which set me on my feet every morning at the hour determined on, and in dark winter mornings just as the bed set me on the floor it lighted a lamp.

Ten years ago today

PacManhattan: LARPing Pac Man: PacManhattan is a live-action version of PacMan, played around Washington Square Park, in which people in Pac Man and ghost suits chase each other through the streets, seeking out power-pellets.