This Day in Blogging History: Guatemala genocide verdict tossed; Infinitely great "Infinite Typewriters" book; Mark in Japan, Day 2

One year ago today

Guatemala: Nation's highest court throws out Ríos Montt genocide trial verdict and prison sentence: On May 10, Rios Montt was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, and sentenced to 80 years in prison. That verdict and sentence were today thrown out by the Constitutional Court.

Five years ago today

Infinite Typewriters: Goats webcomic collection is transcendantly silly without being forced:
Jonathan Rosenberg's webcomic Goats (recently collected into a handsome volume called Goats: Infinite Typewriters) makes me feel like I'm on acid.

That's because every goddamned thing that happens it is incredibly weird — two wise-asses meet God, trick him into turning into a porkchop, eat him, then their various pets get in the act, cybernetically enhancing themselves, communing with pansexual alien Greys with 13 bladders, animating decapitated bikers by riding their neck-stumps and tugging on their spinal cords, defeating the demons of the Mayan underworld, seeing action movies about Good Space Hitler versus Evil Earth Hitler and so on — it is never just silly.

Ten years ago today
Mark's Japan Journal: Day 2: It's been raining steadily since I got here. From what I've been told, a typhoon is headed this way. I'm upset, because today is my day to go exploring around the city. I'll try to keep a good attitude about it. Tokyo is such a wonderful place, I can't let lack of sleep and lousy weather ruin it.