Wikileaks says NSA recording all calls in Afghanistan

Glenn Greenwald. [Reuters]

Glenn Greenwald, of The Intercept. [Reuters]

The National Security Agency records the entire content of every phone call in Afghanistan, claims WikiLeaks.

The organization named the country referred to in previous news reports as "Country X". News organizations including The Intercept and the Washington Post say they chose not to identify the unnamed country because concern that doing so would likely lead to violence and loss of lives.

It is unclear whether WikiLeaks has access to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden to reporters at the Intercept and the Washington Post, or if another person with access to that information outed "Country X" to someone at WikiLeaks. Or,

As the leak site Cryptome noted earlier, it may be that WikiLeaks simply believes that the mystery country is Afghanistan given the already-public information available.

The Intercept

The Intercept