Nat Hentoff on Eric Dolphy

Below you'll find a short piece by Nat Hentoff on the late, great Eric Dolphy, musician and hero of avant-garde jazz movement. Dolphy is being honored in a two day festival taking place this Friday and Saturday in Montclair, NJ (I'm a volunteer), and Hentoff wrote this piece for the playbill (learn more about Dolphy and the festival in this New York Times piece by Ben Ratliff from earlier this week).

Hentoff writes, "What does surprise me – and this is due to the ever onrushing digital universe in which we're living is how little attention is being paid to the singularly enlivening Eric Dolphy for too long a time." Hentoff, now 88, has written about music and more for The New Yorker, The Village Voice, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Atlantic and many more. I was going to transcribe the piece for BoingBoing, but it seemed more appropriate to post his typewritten copy and longhand notes instead. Enjoy.

Hentoff on Dolphy - Page 1

Hentoff on Dolphy - Page 2