Blogging History: Snowden leaves Moscow; Iran arrests journos; RIAA shafts libraries

One year ago today

Edward Snowden is on the move: headed Moscow -> Havana -> [Quito|Caracas]: The Guardian and South China Morning Post report that NSA leaker Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong on an Aeroflot jet heading for Moscow, aiming for Havana, and then, eventually, either Quito, Ecuador, or Havana, Cuba.

Five years ago today

Iran: 26 journalists confirmed arrested: A crackdown against journalists and cyber-dissidents is continuing in Iran with both Iranian and foreign journalists caught in the eye of the post-election storm, Reporters Without Borders said. Among the latest arrests was that of a correspondent for the US magazine Newsweek, Maziar Bahari, picked up at his home in Tehran on 21 June.

Ten years ago today
RIAA squats and dumps on nation's libraries: As part of the antitrust settlement against the RIAA, the record labels are obliged to donate a large number of discs to public libraries. Rather than giving America's libraries decent music, the RIAA is dumping the worst deletes and cutouts in their warehouses, dumpsterloads of reeking liquid shit, and blaming it all on a computer error.