Oakland to decriminalize pinball

Pinball Flippers Demolition Man

Yes, pinball is illegal in Oakland, California. But this week, the 80-year-old law, tied to anti-gambling ordinances, will be reversed.

From SF Gate:

It's still illegal in some cities and heavily regulated in others. Beacon, N.Y., about 40 miles north of New York City, shut down a pinball museum and arcade in 2010 because of its historical ban. In San Francisco, pinball is legal but owners need a permit from the entertainment commission.

It's still illegal in Alameda. The Pacific Pinball Museum had to register as a nonprofit and remove the coin slots from its machines to comply with the law. To play, visitors pay a flat fee for unlimited games.

In Oakland, the pinball ban has not been enforced since the World War II era.

"Jackpot! Oakland decriminalizing pinball machines"