How pinball machines are made

The A. V. Club visited Stern Pinball, one of the the soldiers standing in a very old battle.

In the video above, we follow the pinball machine manufacturing process from start to finish, seeing just how much work goes into creating the “world’s friendliest game.”

A machine with 3500 parts—many of them still made in Chicago! Hand-assembled! Read the rest

Fantastic gallery of old pinball arcade in Kansas City

Alex Q. Arbuckle of Retronaut published this gallery of 1968 photos of the Wonderland Arcade in Kansas City, Missouri.

Read the rest

Women take a place at the pinball table

What happens when female players slam tilt their way into the bright, loud world of pinball?

Oakland to decriminalize pinball

Yes, pinball is illegal in Oakland, California. But this week, the 80-year-old law, tied to anti-gambling ordinances, will be reversed. Read the rest

Kickstarter: pinball machines customized by infamous underground artists

Fantastic idea! Top shelf underground artists COOP, Frank Kozik, Alex Pardee, Sam Flores, and Jeremy Fish teamed up with pinball hackers Tilt Warning Customs to build a classic pinball arcade. They've launched a Kickstarter and if funding comes through, they'll open at the FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco next year and either tour, expand to a larger venue, or both! "Bring Back the Arcade! Custom Pinball Art Show" Read the rest