Jeff VanderMeer's name-your-price bundle of great, indie New Weird fiction

Jeff VenderMeer has curated a name-your-price bundle of New Weird fiction of great repute and deep weirdness, hosted at Storybundle.

The books are all DRM-free, and include work we've highlighted here, including Desirina Boskovich's It Came From Up North, a collection of Finnish SF. There's eight titles in all, and as Desirina writes, "It's a good way for the curious to dip their toe into weird fiction… and the money helps support indie authors, as well as fund future translations and off-beat fiction from Cheeky Frawg."

The range of titles on display here is staggering — from Karin Tidbeck's rapturously received 'otherworldly' short story collection Jagannath, of which the legendary Ursula LeGuin says: "These are wonderful stories", through two major books from International Horror Guild Award-winning author Michael Cisco.

Also in this very special collection are the hilarious The Kosher Guide To Imaginary Animals by Jeff VanderMeer and his Hugo Award-winning wife Ann, plus the "scenes of startling beauty and strangeness" (Locus) in Tainaron: Mail From Another City by Leena Krohn — yet another international standout and World Fantasy Award nominee.

Thanks to Jeff's love of weird and different fantasy fiction, you get everything from Finnish fantasy compilations (It Came From The North) to delicate short fiction that's an "exquisite and overlooked treasure", according to Jeff (The Honey Month), all capped off with an entire book of VanderMeer's short stories, The Third Bear, which has been praised by everyone from Mike Mignola (Hellboy) to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz. It's an amazing line-up — one that we're delighted to host here on StoryBundle.

Storybundle: Weird Fiction

(Thanks, Desirina!)