Happy Sysadmin Day, Ken!

It's Sysadmin Appreciation Day, and that means it's time, once again, to give our dear, tireless, essential administrator Ken Snider a sliver of the thanks that are his due.

I've worked with Ken for more than ten years, and he's been with Boing Boing almost that long, rescuing us from a DDoS attack — just one of the many, many times he's come to our rescue. Today he's running several side-projects for us at Boing Boing, like administering our Tor exit node and setting up our long-overdue SSL-by-default.

Thank you sincerely, Ken, for all the midnight calls and overtime, the thankless hours and the smart sleuthing, the vital foresight and the brilliant flashes. We owe you, buddy!

Today's reading: When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth.

SysAdmin Day