Police mistakenly called on war game developer

A Bristol, UK apartment building manager called police after seeing a tenant's whiteboard diagrams of a planned nuclear attack on Washington. Turns out that the tenant, Henry Smith, is a software developer working on a game called "Global Thermonuclear War." Ahem, I can tell you right now "the only winning move is not to play." From The Guardian:

366828db 45dd 4ff2 8536 209c78a673ea 460x276"At first I was ridiculously frightened by the whole thing," he told the Guardian. "When they said they'd told the police I absolutely bricked it. I ran home to check if the police had raided the house or something. It was definitely very frightening to think that the police had a report in their system alleging that I was up to something suspicious involving nuclear warheads. Knowing how the police here deal with suspected terrorists, I was worried they'd do a dawn raid or worse. It was genuinely scary for a while."