Kim Dotcom accuses NZ PM Key of conspiring with Warner to extradite him to US

Dotcom claims he has emails between New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Warner exec Kevin Tsujihara in which Tsujihara explains that Dotcom was followed by private security in Hong Kong and that Key had made the extradition promise to Warner as part of the deal to shoot The Hobbit in NZ (the MPAA, Warner and Key's office all dispute the email's authenticity).

John Key has denied that his work to quash Dotcom's residency request was part of a plan hatched by US film lobbyists; he also categorically denied any action to help extradite Dotcom to the USA. If the email's authenticity is verified, it would be indication that Key lied to Parliament and the NZ public, and could bring down his government.

Labour leader David Cunliffe said Mr Key must release all minutes, notes, briefings and emails relating to his meetings with Warner Bros.

In a statement, Mr Cunliffe said if the email was true, it meant Mr Key had "lied repeatedly to the public and would be grounds for him to resign".

Mr Cunliffe also called on Mr Key to release the full Immigration New Zealand file on Dotcom.

He said Mr Key had been evasive for years about his October 2010 meeting with Warner Bros executives at Premier House.

"Claims just days before that an Immigration official said there was 'political pressure' to process Kim Dotcom's immigration application must now also be cleared up.

"If John Key is able to declassify documents about national security to protect his reputation over the claims by American journalist Glenn Greenwald, he is able to release these documents as well.

"The National leader's credibility is on the line. The public are being expected to take him at his word. But his credibility has been stretched about as far as it can go.

"John Key must now show New Zealanders he has been acting appropriately by releasing evidence to back his claims," Mr Cunliffe said.

Dotcom email is a fake – Warner Bros [Claire Trevett, David Fisher/NZ Herald]

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