Pastafarian Asia Carrera wears colander hat for driver license photo


Jessica Steinhauser (aka adult film star Asia Carrera) is only the latest of a dozen or so Pastafarians in Utah to be photographed for their Driver Licenses wearing a colander as a hat in religious devotion to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

From the Associated Press:

"As long as we can get a visual of the face, we're fine if they choose to wear the headgear," (said Nannette Rolfe, director of Utah's Driver License Division).

Hats and headgear are not allowed for driver's license photos unless they're religious garments," Rolfe said.

After the first few Pastafarians came in about two years ago, state officials determined the church is a recognized religion and its members don't require any special paperwork, she said…

"I'm a really proud, outspoken atheist," (Steinhauser) said. "I am proud of Utah for allowing freedom of all religions in what is considered by many to be a one-religion state."