Help with medical expenses from author Katherine Kerr's husband's dementia

Mitch Wagner writes, "Our dear friends are in dire straits and need some financial assistance. Howard has Alzheimer's, and Kit is stretched to the limit caring for him."

"Kit is the author of the fine Deverry high fantasy series (first book: Daggerspell), as well as a mess of urban fantasy novels, one or two science fictions, as well as an upcoming s00per-seektrit project that I've been looking forward to for all the 20+ years I've known them (it's a historical novel set in a period and place that fascinates me.)"

My husband has Alzheimer's. He needs help with getting up in the morning, with eating his breakfast and keeping clean. He needs help in remembering where he is and who the people around him are. Most of all, he needs help with filling the hours of his day. For a long time I managed to give him all this help and keep writing –­ not as much as I wanted to write, but something everyday. I also had time for keeping in touch with friends and readers on the Internet, an activity that is keeping me sane. This despite the constant interruptions and questions. He has delusions, too, hears imaginary voices and wonders if there are other people living in our house.

Then Howard cut himself somehow, just a scrape more than a deep cut. He didn't tell me. It went septic. Fortunately we do have good health care. They kept him in hospital for several days and cured the blood poisoning. But he came home terribly weak and more confused than ever.

Without help in the house I can't write. Just getting online is difficult. I have a new Deverry book started –­ a whole 70 pages. Two months ago I had 50 pages. This pace is not me, but concentrating on fiction when someone needs your constant attention is pretty much impossible. In a way, I have a small child who remembers being a grown-up. It breaks my heart daily.

Help author Katharine Kerr care for her husband Howard

(Thanks, Mitch!)