Kickstarting a US show of pieces by Japanese weavers with autism

Gabrielle writes, "Saori weaving is the perfect craft for happy mutants. You can't make a mistake and all variation is considered part of the personal expression."

"Loop of the Loom (a Saori weaving workshop in New York) has partnered with weavers with disabilities in Japan to design high end garments using the Japanese weavers' works. A large scale nonprofit is also in the works. There are 12 days left to Kickstart this valuable and beautiful project. The rewards are definitely worth it."

Inspired through the experience of living, the art of SAORI encourages self expression, personal growth and healing. SAORI lets us celebrate the beauty of our imperfections by weaving differing colors, threads and textures into a fabric that reflects the masterpiece of our own humanity. Our goal is not to teach, but to lead people to explore themselves through SAORI Weaving Arts.

Local fashion designers in the U.S. will be paired up with one Saori weaver with autism in Japan and create a garment for our gallery event in April. The proceeds from this event will be put towards creating a Saori weaving non profit organization where textiles making will be a form of art therapy for all.

Loop of the Loom- Saori Weaving Collaboration

(Image: Saori Hiroba)