Treehouse too posh for county building code

Placer County, California officials demand that the Spitzer family remove the kitchen and loft bed from their new 500-square-foot treehouse because they already have one guest house on their property and adding another would be illegal. Pete Nelson built the treehouse for the Spitzers as part of the television program Treehouse Masters. From the Sacramento Bee:

If the Splinters didn't already have a secondary dwelling on the property, approving the treehouse as designed might have been an option, (deputy planning director EJ) Ivaldi said.

"They can use it for entertaining," Ivaldi said "What the county approved was a residential accessory structure. For the purpose of them being able to do a TV show, they were allowed to build a kitchen with the understanding that the kitchen would come out."

"Uh, oh, Placer County treehouse kitchen must go"