This week Mark, Xeni and Jason recap their holidays and current favorite gadgets — a remote controlled color changing light bulb, Xbox joystick extender, and a multi-USB charger.

In episode 022, Mark, Xeni and Jason discuss the LE Remote Controlled Color Changing LED Light Bulb, KontrolFreek Xbox One joystick extender and Photive 5 Port USB Charger.

Mark's pick:
RGB LED Bulb ($(removed))
Remote control LED light bulb. Change the color by pushing a button on the remote.

Xeni's pick:
Photive 5 Port Multi-USB Charger ($(removed)) 25 watt, 5 port, cheap charger. Charge up to 5 devices at the same time — 5 ports designed to charge iPad (2 x 2.1A), iPhone (1A), Samsung Tab (1.3A), and Android devices (1A). $(removed) this week on Amazon.

Jason's pick:

KontrolFreek Close-Quarters-Combat joystick extenders ($(removed))
"KontrolFreek's Close Quarters Combat joystick extenders have greatly improved my Xbox One experience. I am not sure my game play is any better, but my hands hurt far less."

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