Meet an icicle farmer


Cory Livingood of Stratton, Vermont, is an icicle farmer. He and his team grow and harvest massive numbers of icicles to build magnificent ice constructions at ski resorts. Livingood works for a firm called Ice Castles that constructs ice archways, caves, slides, and other installations.


From WCAX:

There's an art and science to Livingood's work. He and his team grow more than 5,000 icicles a day, and then carry bags of fragile spears into the castles cementing them in place with slush.

"We use vertical ones to make it taller and horizontal ones to fill in the places between them," said Livingood.

Sprinklers close the gaps coating and strengthening the ice until its supports human weight. Each completed ice castle gives visitors 10,000 tons of ice to explore.

"I just want you to feel like you are in a different place. You know an ice wonderland," said Livingood.

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