Scientific American and fansubbers help video spread in Hungary

Dean from Amara writes, "Editors at Scientific American noticed they were getting a TON of hits on the video What Happens to Your Body after You Die? To their surprise, the majority of the views were originating in Hungary."

Most Hungarians don't speak English (fun fact: Latin was the nation's official language into the mid-19th century. So, dice quod ad tuum Latin magister.) How were they enjoying our video? In their native language, via our crowd-sourced translation community on Amara! Köszönöm (thank you) to our Hungarian translators on Amara (especially to Sándor Nagy), and to all 1,064 of our translators on Amara who have translated 81 videos into 71 languages.

Digging deeper on Amara, we saw that "What Happens to Your Body After You Die?" and "Why Does Bonking Beer Bottles Create Foam?" are the most translated videos of all our posted videos there—with 27 languages for both.

After that, it's 13 languages for "Why Hasn't the Universe Collapsed into a Giant Black Hole?" and 11 languages for "How Do We Determine the Edge of the Universe?"

Scientific American Video: We're Huge in Hungary

(Disclosure: I am a volunteer advisor to the nonprofit that produces Amara)